The 1st (2022) 


Corrected Results (11/6/2022)


There were 5 judges for the Jazz category, but 4 for the Pop category due to scheduling issues. The winners of prizes were determined based on the original scores, but it was pointed out that the calculation method was not appropriate.


Upon reconsideration and  calculation, there was no change in the overall ranking, but we have decided to give a Grand Prize trophy to the contestant with the highest score in the Pop division. 


Pop Division  Adult  Creator  Miho Taki


We sincerely apologize for the lack of consideration for the participants and will strive to improve our services. 


We appreciate the feedback, as well as your participation and continued support.


* * *


Grand Prize, Special Jury Prize "Sunphonix Prize"  100,000 Yen

Jazz Kids Performer  Kyoka Sudo


Grand Prize 

Jazz Adults Performer (four-hands)  Nana Tsujio & Hikaru Sasaki


Grand Prize 

Pop Adults Creator  Miho Taki


Gold Prize

Jazz Adults Performer  Mako Tada 

Jazz Kids Performer  Yuuga Nakajima 

Jazz Kids Performer  Yuuki Kojima 

Jazz  Teens Performer  Hikaru Kajita

Jazz  Teens Performer  Ayane Tsuji 

Jazz  Teens Performer  Mao Fujisaki

Jazz  Teens Creator  Rinka Nagano

Pop Kids Performer  Mayu Funaishi 

Pop Adults Performer  Rie Yamane 


Silver Prize

Jazz Adults Performer  Natsuna Hotta

Jazz Adults Creator  Rei Hamakawa 

Jazz Adults Specialist  Jun Miyaji 

Jazz Kids Performer  Masato Tanaka

Jazz Kids Creator  Kiichi Saito 

Jazz Kids Creator  Miho Ayabe

Jazz Kids Creator  Mana Urano 

Jazz Kids Creator  Hayato Oono

Pop Teens Performer  Yuuwa Murai


Bronze Prize 

Jazz Adults Performer  Yuuko Ikeda

Jazz Adults Performer  Yuuri Tanaka 

Jazz Kids Performer  Lento Oobayashi 

Jazz Kids Performer  Hiyori Onodera

Jazz Teens Performer  Mana Urano

Jazz Teens Creator  Mahoko Endo 

Pop Teens Performer  Ayuma Sawada

Pop Adults Performer  Satoko Shibuya 

Pop Adults Creator  Mieko Ashida 

Pop Adults Creator  Martha Shimura 


Encouragement Prize

Jazz Adults Performer  Makiko Kanno

Jazz Adults Creator  Keiko Ono

Pop Kids Performer  Rio Oono

Pop Kids Performer   Tasuku Maeoka