Handling of personal information


Roobato Co. protects personal information collected from customers as the most important matter in business operations and as a personal information handling business. 

We comply with laws and regulations and other standards regarding personal information, and promise to handle personal information accurately and safely.


Collection and use of personal information


When collecting personal information, the purpose of collection is clearly disclosed and collected, and the collected personal information will be used within the scope of the consent of the individual. We use the collected personal information for the following purposes.


* Send advertisements, guidance, and application forms for performances hosted and co-hosted by Roobato Co.

* Put names of competition winners on the official website https://www.jazzpiano.jp  

* Put names, photos and videos of competition participants on social platforms or other media


Provision of personal information to third parties


Roobato Co. will not use the personal information for any purpose beyond the purpose of disclosure of the collected personal information in advance.

In addition, we will not provide or disclose it to third parties except for "if there is consent of the person" or "if required by laws and regulations".

However, within the scope of legitimate uses disclosed by Roobato Co. in advance, such as sending out flyers, guidance, etc.,

In some cases, personal information may be entrusted to a subcontracted business operator that has concluded a confidentiality agreement.

In this case, Roobato Co. will strictly manage and supervise the handling of personal information of the subcontractor.


Disclosure, correction, and deletion of personal information


Roobato Co, when requested to disclose, correct, or delete the collected personal information, will respond within a reasonable period and within reasonable limits in light of social wisdom and practice only if we can identify you.


Protection and management of personal information


In order to prevent unauthorized access, loss, theft, leakage, falsification, etc. of the collected personal information, Roobato Co. takes appropriate safety measures. 


Changes to privacy policy


Roobato Co. may revise all or part of the content of the Privacy Policy.