The 3rd Edition 



2024.06.24 (MON) - 07.01 (MON)




2024.09.21 (SAT) - 22 (SUN)

Shibuya Mitake Salon




2024.09.23 (MON)

Showa College of Music Yuri Hall




Polish Cultural Institute in Tokyo/"Ongaku no Machi Kawasaki" Suishin Kyogikai 

Showa University of Music/European Piano Association/IMC Music Publisher ltd./

Steinway Japan, Ltd./Jaz.in/Support Music Society 

Message from the Chairman



For centuries after the emergence of Western classical music, many pianists were composers as well as performers, with improvisational abilities. They entertained those who listened, and were revered for their skills accompanied by the spontaneous creativity to tread into unwritten territory. Since the 19th century, improvisation in classical piano music has become a lost art due to specialization of musicians’ roles. On the other hand, improvising has been a key ingredient for jazz, and shared later on by pop music. 


As a judge in classical piano competitions, I realized that when many classically trained pianists played written jazz or pop pieces, increasingly chosen by competitors, they were often not as proficient as when they played classical pieces. The main difficulty that they shared was feeling the groove.


The aim of this competition is to recapture the artistic freedom that was prevalent in the past. Through jazz and pop music, the participants will rediscover or further enhance their creativity and personal expression. The panel of judges consists of artists with active performing careers and extensive experience in teaching. The requirements and standards of the competition will differ depending on the level of the contestant. It goes without saying that advanced players would also be welcome.  For details, please refer to the PDF on the website. 


The criteria of assessment would change accordingly based on the divisions. However, beauty of tone is essential and will be taken into consideration for all levels. The team of judges will evaluate the contestants performances and offer individual advice. I hope you will join us, and most importantly, take something away from this experience. 




Michal Sobkowiak