Written comments regarding the individual performances will be available within 2 to 3 hours at the reception desk. 


The results will be announced and prizes will be handed out during the awards ceremony.  


1) Prizes (Gold, Silver, Bronze)

For every age group under each Division, winners will be chosen to receive a diploma and a medal.


2) Grand Prize

Out of all the contestants, regardless of Genre, Division or age group, the 3 most superior players (or four-hand duos) will receive a Grand Prize trophy and have their names published in the jazz magazine "JAZZ JAPAN".


3) Special Jury Prize

The most outstanding pianist (or a duo) will be granted a cash prize of ¥100,000. 



* Depending on the level of the performances, medals may not be given, and there may also be multiple recipients of the same award.


* Winners who cannot attend the awards ceremony will receive their diploma / medal / trophy by post.